Michelle Hundley

February 10, 2024
outdoor kitchen designs

Unlock the Secrets of Crafting the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re dreaming of al fresco feasts and culinary adventures in the open air, the key lies in mastering the art of building the ultimate outdoor […]
December 22, 2023

Escape from Lock and Key

For many years, escapologists have been a big part of the entertainment and magic industries. Their tricks have become increasingly dangerous as they push the limits […]
December 19, 2023

Why you should drink more water

Most of us don’t drink anywhere near enough during the course of a day. What you might not realise, however, is just how much dehydration can […]
November 24, 2023

How to Pick the Perfect Sofa Upholstery

Choosing the right upholstery for your sofa is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your furniture’s overall aesthetics, comfort, and durability. With myriad options available, […]
November 21, 2023

What you Need to Learn Before Sailing

Sailing a yacht yourself is a great experience, but before you can just take a boat out to sea it is essential that you know how […]
September 1, 2023
stylish office outfits ideas

Stylish and Warm Office Outfits to Wear This Fall

Although most offices nowadays don’t require a strict dress code anymore, the corporate world is still a place where you will be very much judged by […]
September 1, 2023
Gift ideas for a woman

Cozy Gift Ideas for a Woman Born in Autumn

Are you looking for present ideas for your girlfriend, mom, or a regular friend who is born in autumn? Here are some fun and cozy gifts […]
August 25, 2023

The Community, Volunteering and You

We live in an age where there is an increasing focus on social capital.  Many organisations and businesses now operate a much more socially aware business […]
August 20, 2023

How we harvest the energy from the sun

Fossil fuels are not sustainable energy sources and more and more people are looking at ways in which they can use wind turbines and Solar Panels […]