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Are you looking for space to work that suits you?

Do you want to collaborate in our blog writing for us and exposing yourself to our audience?

Writing for is not only a way of becoming known in the field of the web but it is also a great way to help the community of writers who love trends. Daily new users consult to seek help on the development of daily Trends and new Ideas. Writing for us, you would be helping the community that has helped you before.

We accept guest articles or guest posts. With your writings, you can get our readers to discover you and access your website through the articles.

It works like this:

  • You send us a message with suggestions of topics or titles for your article and a link with examples of your work as an editor.
  • We value if we accept your proposal
  • You send us the article as long as it meets these characteristics:
  • It has to be related to ……
  • 800 words minimum
  • Original content and not duplicated
  • Maximum one external link.

Send us your request through the form and let’s start collaborating!

Types of the article to write

  • Tips
  • Tutorials
  • New Ideas

The list above is just an example of the items we accept. However, do not limit yourself to it. Here, I like to innovate and provide the user with the greatest amount of tools so that they can develop their writing skills more comfortably.


We do not tolerate spam. If your article is based on another, you have to refer to it in the references section of your article. The same applies to the images used in the articles.

If your article is promoting your product, do not use promotional language. Try to use an impartial language about your product and don’t forget to include images, videos, screenshots or any other type of media that facilitates the entry. And finally, explain why it is useful for our users.

Articles published for ……….. should not be published on any other website using the same words and means. We understand that if you are promoting your product it can be difficult to make different reviews but if you want a free review, you must be creative.


We value all our collaborators and reward them with a link to their sites at the end of the article they wrote for us.

If you have an idea or a message prepared for us, please Mail us or  Contact Us.

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