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Does honey expire?

Honey is one of those products that we usually have at home but that we consume little by little, just like salt, sugar, or rice. That is why these types of jars and preserves usually remain in our pantries for a long period of time. Therefore, it is normal to wonder: does honey expire? In this article, we want to answer this question and find out everything about the appropriate best-before date for honey and how to detect if the honey is still in good condition. Take note!

What different types of jumpers are there?

Jumpers or sweaters are some of the most versatile and warm types of clothing that you could possibly wear.  They all come in many shapes and sizes and have designs which are unique to certain parts of the world.  What is the same is that wool makes for a really good type of clothing material and it’s something that we’ve been using since the dawn of time.   What kind of jumpers and sweaters are available in our modern world?

Choosing a Builder for your Extension

In order to increase the amount of space that you have in your home without having to move house, as well as increasing the value of the property, you might want to build an extension. In order to do this, you will need to get the necessary planning permission first and also work with an architect who will be able to design the extension on paper and turn it into plans.

Four Tips for Healthier Hair this Spring

As we welcome in the spring and a return to warmer, longer and sunnier days, we start to think about our wardrobe and give it an update to match the changing season. However, you also should think about your hair care routine at this time of the year, as it should also be something that you change with the season.

How to clean a laminate floor

Laminate flooring is an increasingly common alternative in homes, and it offers an elegant and beautiful result at a reasonable cost. However, there is a fundamental point to take into account when we install this type of floor, and that is that it requires special care to guarantee its correct maintenance and durability, with cleanliness being a prominent aspect. In this article, we explain in detail how to clean a laminate floor so that it is perfect day after day.

Cleaning a laminate floor with water

The first thing you should be very clear about is that a laminate floor cannot be cleaned frequently with water, since it is a type of material that requires the least amount of moisture possible to be in good condition.

That is why it is recommended that you clean it with a mop, hot water, and a special detergent for wooden floors only every 15 days. You must use a special mop for wooden floors that is preferably microfiber, in addition, cleaning must be done with the mop very well wrung out, without dripping, otherwise you run the risk that your laminate floor will end up deteriorating over time. weather.

When cleaning with water, always follow the same direction and remember the importance of doing it with a perfectly wrung-out cloth.

Cleaning a laminate floor daily

To clean a laminate floor on a daily basis, it will be important to frequently remove the dust and dirt that accumulates. For this, the best alternative is to use a vacuum cleaner or mop to help collect dust balls, hair, and other debris that could dirty, scratch, and damage the laminate floor. Depending on the number of inhabitants in your home and factors such as the wind, and the use of heating, among others, the frequency of vacuuming or the use of the mop can go from once a week to every 2 days.

If you choose to vacuum, pay attention to the hardness of the brush and the wheels of the device. the brush of the vacuum cleaner must be soft, in the same way, the wheels must be free of dirt or stones, otherwise, when dragging the vacuum cleaner you could accidentally scratch the floor.

Cleaning stains from a laminate floor

Once we know how to clean a laminate floor on a daily basis, it is important to know how to remove specific stains from this type of floor without damaging the material. In this article we give you several tricks depending on the type of stain:

  • Scratches from heels or furniture: you can remove the mark using an eraser, also remember that it is convenient to protect the legs of the furniture so that they do not cause scratches on your laminate floor.
  • Grease, ink, or wax stains: clean by applying alcohol or acetone with a microfiber cloth to the affected area, then dry well.
  • Wine stains or common dirt: clean by applying special soap and water for laminate floors with a microfiber cloth, then dry well.
  • Blood stains: apply glass cleaner, then rub with a microfiber cloth. Remember to dry afterward.

What to buy your loved one for Valentines Day

It won’t be long before people all over the world are out hunting for the perfect valentines gift for their loved ones. There are of course the more traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers, but you could opt for something a little more unique instead. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

How To Cover A Downlight Hole

Downlights are a great alternative to traditional light fittings. They help to add a level of elegance to any space. These types of lights also help to brimming additional light into a space when compared with a single traditional light fitting. They not only help to make a space feel lighter, but it can also help to make the room feel bigger and even more airy.

Three Drain Problems Commonly Found in Older Properties

Although we can’t see our drains, they are essential to the smooth running of our home and help to keep us clean. A problem with a drain is something that should be repaired straight away, as it is likely to worsen over time and can be a risk to your health and to your home.