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What do male rappers wear?

Being a rapper means constantly being in the public eye and being scrutinized for the type of clothes worn. Hip hop and rap have created unique fashion styles involving a range of looks which have been carried down throughout the years. Singers and rappers also tend to promote designer brands and sometime influence people on what to wear. This article will give a few examples on what male rappers wear.

First of all, most rappers wear baggy tshirts and loose clothing that is comfortable. Basketball shirts are the most popular as they are versatile. Oversized polo shirts are also popular as well as large hoodies in bright colours as they stand out. If oversized clothing is worn, the front of the top is usually tucked in with the back hanging out so to show off the designer belt worn with the jeans.

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Baggy jeans are also a popular fashion item however, they must not be too baggy so the shoes cannot be seen. Mens designer jeans can be found at EJ Menswear. If jeans are too big, they can be held up with designer belts which are usually blingy and bright as to attract attention.

Statement jackets are popular for rappers. 90’s style letterman jackets are ideal for an old- school hip hop look. Certain rappers have also brought back the leather jacket look and made them fashionable again. Army fatigue jackets can also be worn and are recommended by hip hop stylists.

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John Smith’s new media empire

In yesterday’s newspaper, a man by the name of John Smith spoke about his experiences opening up a major production company. He covered a lot of topics, ranging from finding funding for his ideas as a new, young entrepreneur, to knowing which projects to work on. Mr. Smith mentioned a variety of things, including mistakes he had made in his early days, many of which were rectified over time and lessened with advice he had received from business coaching services. He mentioned that these services, and all ways in which he invested into himself and his dreams, were worth the time and money. He urged all viewers with hard-to-reach business goals, to invest in proper advice and mentorship.

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He also spoke about all the exciting movies he got to produce and how he has always loved storytelling. Mr. Smith also revealed to the interviewer that he was planning on releasing both fiction and non-fiction books, as an extension of his media empire. He craves constant change and welcomes new challenges. This is perhaps why he has released many movies that were at first rejected by other production companies. His movies have been received by with mixed reviews but are considered very artistic and daring.

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Do domain extensions even matter?

In the 1990s and 2000s, the internet was booming. Tech gurus christened the best domain name extensions top-level domains (TLDs). A business communicated credibility by securing the best TLD available, usually a dot-com. What’s changed since then? Marketing experts weigh in and explain the power structure of domain extensions.

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When businesses buy domain name suffixes, the most common is dot-com (.com). Statista, consumer data specialists providing statistical information worldwide, estimate that 51.6% of companies have secured a TLD.

Is .com a requirement for success?

A decade ago, a business’ worth was built around the power of its URL. In those days, the internet was still being built and was not the established digital marketing tool it is today. A company’s URL was the most efficient way for clients to identify credibility.
Today, things are different.

“The .com suffix is…not a requirement for years now,” says Dave Shanley, respected entrepreneur. “Most companies follow the typical path of choosing a good, related suffix or name derivative, and then, as they become much more successful, they acquire the dot-com domain.”

Does SEO work better with a .com suffix?

The .com suffix was essential to SEO when a company’s URL needed to be easy to remember. Nowadays, businesses have digital marketing tools available such as social media, so a catchy URL name with a .com suffix isn’t driving SEO results as much anymore.

Sanket Shah, the entrepreneur behind InVideo, says, “Many countries are opting to use their own country’s TLD rather than the .com suffix….some companies are using industry-specific suffixes without facing a huge penalty.”

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How to acquire the best URL

There are many ways to establish a credible URL. The .com suffix remains the most recognisable and trusted URL suffix worldwide. With some flexibility and shrewd thinking, businesses create brilliant URLs by tweaking their business name slightly.

Two popular methods are adding prefixes such as “try” and “use”, and words such as “app” after the business name, which is something even the biggest players do. The good news is that the best URL providers, such as, will recommend alternatives for businesses seeking a solid presence online.

The internet was created using ingenuity and innovation, the same qualities required for creating a lasting profitable business. Researching the business industry and online marketing tools will yield successful results for a worthwhile business presence online.

Ways to Keep the House Cosy in the Winter

Keeping a cosy and warm home in the winter is important not only from a comfort point of view but also from a health perspective. Having a home that is too cold can cause illnesses and is particularly dangerous for elderly people as well as young children and babies.

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So how do you keep your house warm without spending a small fortune on heating bills? Here are some tips that could help you to do that…

Windows are one of the parts of your home that could be letting the warm air out, and you may even have a draught from your window.  A really easy way of dealing with this is to get some thermal curtains or blinds – these are designed to keep the heat locked into your home and not let it escape via the windows!

Your central heating itself may be costing you more than it should – if it is old and inefficient it may be time to update your heating and have a system installed that will save you more money in the long run. Make sure that you get a professional company to advise and install it for you such as this boiler installation Gloucester based company HPR services.

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It is also worth thinking about your floor – if you don’t have carpets, you may want to consider them in some rooms, like the bedroom, or add some rugs. Adding draught excluders along the bottoms of doors is also a great way of keeping the cold at bay.

Top 5 Helpful Tips For Solo Travelers

Roughly a decade ago if you said you want to go on a trip alone, people would think you are crazy to even think of something like that, but today traveling solo has become a trend and most people would describe this experience as liberating. And it truly is, just pack your bags and escape into another world where you can look at things with a fresh perspective. Make sure you make use of all your loyalty programs, that way you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your solo trip!

5 Tips to Help You Land Your First Job After College

When you graduate from college, your new reality will be finding a job, which could be an excruciating process. Excruciating because it can be hard to know what direction you should look in and you need to make sure that you are prepared for the process. If you aren’t prepared, the process will be a lot more daunting – even if you are confident that you are the right candidate for a specific position. For instance, if you went to Boston University for your science degree, you know that you have a competitive edge in an in-demand market, but actually applying for jobs and going to interviews can be stressful.

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

Leonardo Dicaprio is an Oscar-winning American actor who is also known as a film producer and an active environmental activist. Leo won his first Oscar in 2016 for ‘Revenant’. Titanic, Revenant, and Romeo + Juliet are considered as some of the biggest hits of Leonardo Dicaprio’s career. Here is a quick summary of Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth.

Making the most of Summer Drinks

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant or bar, the drinks you are serving can sometimes be as important as the food. Here we try and steer you through a selection of the most popular summer drinks and the types of drinks that we all like to enjoy to keep cool.