DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips to Help You Save On Repairs

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Furnace repair can be a pricey proposition. So before you have an expert come out to check your unit, you may want to try these simple maintenance and troubleshooting tips to help you save on the costs you will likely to incur should you need to repair your furnace.

Good maintenance is essential for ensuring that you can heat your home when need be. You certainly don’t want to be left with an inoperable furnace when those winter months hit. As the temperatures drop outside, the interior can start to get just as chilly and that can lead to all kinds of issues for you and your family.

Stay warm by keeping your furnace in peak condition. Here are some of the things you can do to avoid paying for those repairs:

Check the Flames

DIY Furnace Maintenance Tips

A dirty furnace is going to break down before you know it. But how do you know if your furnace needs a good cleaning? Take a look at the color of the flames in the burners. To do this you’ll need to physically inspect them. Open the combustion chamber door and then activate the power switch and turn up your thermostat.

Now look at the flames. Do they appear to have a blue color or a yellow color? If they are blue, your burners are okay. But yellow is an indication that your burners are dirty and they need to be cleaned.

To do that, you’ll need to vacuum the burners and base clean. But don’t forget to turn the power off and shut the gas down.

Check the Doors

Sometimes a problem can arise with your furnace for the simplest of reasons. The burner and furnace doors aren’t shut properly and completely, that can cause malfunctions that might lead you to believe larger issues are afoot, when in reality, it’s just something as simple as closing a door.

Once you’ve checked the burners, you will need to be sure that the burner door is firmly closed. You don’t want it partially ajar as that will not only allow dust and dirt to get in, but the furnace simply won’t work correctly.

Check Your Batteries

No, there aren’t any batteries in your furnace, you want to be sure the batteries in your thermostat are fresh. A low or dead battery can keep your thermostat from functioning properly and that can be just as detrimental in attempting to heat your home when you need it most. Can you recall when you put fresh batteries in there? If not, you may want to do that now.

Check Your Air Filter

Your furnace requires proper air flow in order to operate effectively. A dirty air filter can hinder that air flow and when that happens the furnace can start to run too hot or work overtime to do the job it’s supposed to do. Be sure to remember to replace the air filter every two to three months and you can be sure your system will always be operational.

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