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5 Reasons why you should Ride that Bike

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You’ve probably made a list of resolutions for the New Year. Well, you are halfway through the first month already! Top on your list you have cutting down weight and attaining financial freedom. How will you attain your goals when the financial situation around the globe is betraying you? Signing up for premium membership in the gym is way too much for your budget!  Wouldn’t you fancy a cost-effective way of working out, saving you loads of time in the meantime?

Your solution is biking. You probably have a bike you bought eons ago sitting in your garage. Go take it out, have it repaired and be on your way to healthy economical living. Alternatively, you should shop for a new bike, no matter your age!

Here are some of the benefits of biking:-

  1. Saves you Money

Driving to and from work and being stuck in traffic on a daily basis is not only stressful but also costly. With the recent hike in fuel prices, you will be forced to dig deeper into your pockets to make up for the difference. Consequently, the amount of time you waste sitting in traffic every morning and evening converts into millions annually. That time could have been spent visiting your clients or upgrading the database in your company. In short, you could have made money if you had a bike and rode.

A bike phone mount with a case will hold your phone in position and keep your phone safe from dirt and water. You will not have to buy extra bags to keep your phone in and also, you won’t have to stop every time your phone rings. The less missed client calls, the more money you make.

  1. Cardiovascular/ Health Benefits

Cycling has tremendous health benefits. Your cardiovascular system benefits the most from the daily routine. The respiratory system is also well oxygenated and your lung volumes will go up considerably. The recent health statistics reveal a rise in cardiovascular diseases even in children and teenagers. Therefore, you can push yourself to a safe and healthy side through cycling. Riding to your phone’s music beat is not only fun but raises your heart rate.

When on a doctor’s orders, the speed and intensity are crucial.  You can keep track of the distance and speed of cycling using a mobile app such as Strava. This will ensure that you are within your limits. You will also minimize accidents and injuries. A bike Phone mount will easily let you keep an eye on the readings.

  1. Fun

Just being in the outdoors biking is fun. You get to experience nature first hand, breath in the fresh air; when mountain biking and even on short races with your friends or children. Moreover, watching guys stuck in traffic when you cycle past them will give you an exhilarating thrill. You will also have fun riding when you can easily control your phone’s playlist. This is because a bike phone mount will safely anchor your phone and you will enjoy your music as you ride.

  1. Muscle Toning

For you to get that sexy body you have been wanting, toned muscles are important. Losing weight yet still having flabby skin is unsightly. Therefore, you should consider biking for that well-toned body.

  1. General Body Fitness

Biking strengthens your hips, thighs and the gluteus maximus. Your upper body and arms benefit, cartilage is preserved at the joints because it is a gentle exercise and you will not easily break your bones. This gives your body a healthy glow and polished look.

In conclusion, bike phone mounts are not only fairly priced but they also give your body the much-needed exercise with the right amount of strain. De-stress and reverse the aging effects on your illness-prone body by cycling daily to work and to the grocery shop. You will be amazed by your looks, confidence levels, self-esteem and overall mood at the end of this year. Plus, you will save MONEY!

It’s important to note that not everyone can ride and you have to be FIT TO RIDE. Safety has to be put first in wearing the right gear, including a helmet and a reflective jacket for visibility in traffic. While on the bike, obey the traffic rules.

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