Your Commercial Kitchen could be Greener

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As commercial kitchens use roughly two and a half times more energy than other buildings, and the cost of energy is increasing by six to eight per cent a year, having an energy-efficient kitchen can save thousands.

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Check out our top tips for creating a greener kitchen, saving the planet and pennies at once!


Your first task should be to install energy-efficient light bulbs and always switch lights off when finishing.


Although the upfront costs of a walk-in fridge freezer can be high, investing in a quality walk-in can save energy provided you have adequate ventilation. Bulk-buying and storing also minimises delivery charges and emissions.

Another option is refrigerated drawers which can be manually set to different temperatures and opened without disturbing the temperature of others.

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Glass doors also allow staff to see what’s inside whilst minimising the need to open doors.

Whichever refrigeration system you choose, ensure it’s on the Energy Efficiency List.
Coloured decor

If you want to actually want it greener in your kitchen you could contact a Marble Tiles company and see what shades they have to suit your tastes.


Most commercial kitchens favour six-burner cookers such as the Lincat LMR9 medium duty 6 burner gas range oven. Check for pan sensors and induction hobs, as these minimise wasted heat.

When considering grills, ensure it has individual controls for each burner, preferably with pan sensors.

Fryers incorporating automatic standby reduce costs by saving energy from heating oil when the fryer is not in use.
You want one with triple-glazed doors and automatic switch-off when doors are opened.


Keeping meals hot whilst waiting for service is vital. Usually, this will be done with hot plates, but a better idea could be using drawer warmers and ensuring heat lamps have individual controls.


Sinks in a commercial kitchen should include pressure-reducing valves or taps with flow-limiting devices to reduce the volume of water being used.

Always fill dishwashers to capacity and take care when stacking to ensure thorough cleaning. Magnetic cutlery chutes can be great for avoiding breakdowns from cutlery falling into the machine. You should also pre-rinse any dirty plates to keep the water in the dishwasher cleaner for longer.

You want a dishwasher with low water consumption if looking to cut energy costs. Less water means less heat.

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