What to get the Dads and Grandads for Christmas.

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Christmas is coming soon, and it can be a nightmare to shop for Fathers. You’ll usually get a ‘don’t waste your money’ statement if you ask them what they want before he disappears back into the garage, man’s cave, under the bonnet or up a ladder! As a consequence, most gifts from men are a little last minute and a bit desperate. Here are some thoughts on what is acceptable and what you can avoid:

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Do persuade the children to do something themselves,

Dad would be chuffed and proud that they have gone through such efforts, whether it’s small ones doing some abstract painting, older children creating a handmade card or some kind of artistic token of love and affection.

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Buy quality booze for him

Just the ticket, whether it’s a mini cask of his choice ale, a case of fine wine or a costly bottle of whisky, will be his favourite tipple in a posh package-he’ll enjoy this gift.

Don’t purchase socks from him

‘I don’t know what to buy you’ says nothing more than a pair of novelty socks. While they may be welcomed with delight, once allocated to the back of the sock drawer, they will most likely never see the light of day. Choose something of top quality if you want to make clothes. A good rule of thumb would be to go onto EJ Menswear and get him something from the XV Kings Menswear range.

Don’t get him to go to a spa,

Beware of the pampering gift for men who might feel self-conscious about slipping into a white robe, toeless slippers, or worse, paper pants!

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