What do male rappers wear?

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Being a rapper means constantly being in the public eye and being scrutinized for the type of clothes worn. Hip hop and rap have created unique fashion styles involving a range of looks which have been carried down throughout the years. Singers and rappers also tend to promote designer brands and sometime influence people on what to wear. This article will give a few examples on what male rappers wear.

First of all, most rappers wear baggy tshirts and loose clothing that is comfortable. Basketball shirts are the most popular as they are versatile. Oversized polo shirts are also popular as well as large hoodies in bright colours as they stand out. If oversized clothing is worn, the front of the top is usually tucked in with the back hanging out so to show off the designer belt worn with the jeans.

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Baggy jeans are also a popular fashion item however, they must not be too baggy so the shoes cannot be seen. Mens designer jeans can be found at EJ Menswear. If jeans are too big, they can be held up with designer belts which are usually blingy and bright as to attract attention.

Statement jackets are popular for rappers. 90’s style letterman jackets are ideal for an old- school hip hop look. Certain rappers have also brought back the leather jacket look and made them fashionable again. Army fatigue jackets can also be worn and are recommended by hip hop stylists.

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