Website management mistakes to avoid

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Incorrect management of your website can affect the user experience and even harm your reputation and bottom line. With so many websites fighting for attention on the internet, mismanagement of your site is not something you can afford to entertain. Here are five key mistakes that every web owner should avoid.

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1. Repurposing content from other media

If you have created content for a printed brochure or magazine, it is a mistake to think that you can use this same content for the web. Content optimised for other media, especially those older than the web, will never result in a good website. The only way to get great web content is by developing content for your website first.

2. Not maximising linking opportunities

Hypertext links bring a website together and increase its visibility; however, many web owners fail to make the most of linking opportunities, or link incorrectly, to the frustration of the user. If you add links to your adverts, make sure they navigate the user to the specific product, offer or theme and not to the home page. Users will not want the inconvenience of trying to find the information they need.

3. Regarding intranet and internet as equals

Intranet and internet sites are not the same, and any web owner who manages these using identical strategies is not doing themselves any favours. Each needs to be managed differently, as they are essentially different products with different purposes. Equally if you are looking to utilise a Visitor Management System it is important that you utilise a professional company such as to ensure that this is integrated fully into your business in the correct way and is treated as a separate entity to your business website.

  1. Misunderstanding market research and usability

    Many web managers recognise the importance of focus groups and consumer research for steering the design process; however, how information gained is interpreted and put into practice is often not in the best interest of the website or end users. Your web users are not designers and are not equipped to tell you how your website should be put together.

    5. Underestimating the potential of the web for your business

    Web managers who regard their site as an online brochure, or operate it from their marketing communications department, are misguided in their thinking. The web should be recognised for the huge strategic impact it can have on a business and a higher priority placed on the potential it offers.

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