Ways Your Office Can be More Eco – Friendly

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It is more important than ever to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in this day and age; with the issues surrounding climate change and plastic pollution, it is vital that everyone does their bit for the planet. Bigger companies are beginning to follow suit to reduce their energy, and their plastic consumption; if you are working in a not so eco – friendly office environment, why don’t you take the lead in helping your work colleagues to be more eco-conscious? Here are ways your office can be more eco-friendly.

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 Save that Energy 

If you are keen to reduce your company’s energy consumption, why not have a word with your boss to share your ideas? Chances are he/ she will be more than happy to follow suit. Actions such as turning off the office heating or air-con system for a bit will make a massive difference. When you all finish for the day, why not turn off your computers and printers? This will save a massive amount of energy and will really reduce the office’s energy bills. If you want to save your energy consumption, why not leave the cleaning to the office cleaners? For example, if you’re vacuuming the floor of the office, but the office cleaner is also doing that, it makes sense to allow the cleaner to vacuum the floor once. If you’re interested in hiring an office cleaner, why not get in touch with a Commercial cleaning Gloucester based company such as intocleaning.co.uk/, or a cleaning company near you who can help tidy your office space after a long day. 


Another way to save the planet and reduce landfill waste is to recycle; this is easy to do once people know what to recycle. Why not buy a separate recycle bin, and make a poster stating what you can recycle; this will allow people to follow suit in no time – you could even be the recycling ambassador for the company. A company called Terracycle even collect hard to recycle items such as crisp wrappers and bread bags, and then once you have collected the items they will supply funds to your chosen charity – this could be a great way to reduce office waste. 

Renewable Energy all The Way 

If your company wants to become more eco – friendly, why not encourage them to get solar panels for the building? This is a renewable energy source that will save you money and will save the planet. Or you could encourage your boss to switch to a greener energy supplier. If your workplace is in a shared office or building, then getting solar panels or switching to a greener energy supplier could be more of a challenge as the building doesn’t belong to the company – you could try and get in touch with the owner of the building though.

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Reuse, don’t Buy New

If you are in need of new office chairs, why not look at second-hand furniture shops? Buying second hand is a great way to reduce your waste, and it also saves energy and resources that would be used to make the new chair. If you need a new computer, online shops such as eBay will have plenty of second-hand computers or laptops that are as good as new. Instead of getting rid of your old laptop, there are plenty of people that will buy unusable laptops or computers for spare parts.

Get Office Plants 

There are more benefits to office plants than looking pretty, there are even a huge amount of health benefits too; they are known to clean the air, and help you breath better. Office plants also help you work better too, as working around nature helps you to concentrate much more. You could even buy vegetable plants or fruit trees to grow your own food for the office – this will prevent plastic waste.

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