Top Theme Parks in the UK

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Who doesn’t love going to a theme park? You may be a fan of fast Roller Coasters, or maybe you prefer the slower and steadier rides; whatever type of roller coaster takes your fancy, there will definitely be a ride for you at one these theme parks. So here we take a look at the top theme parks in the UK.

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Alton Towers

Although Alton Towers has not been short of a scandall or two over the last few years, it still continues to be one of England’s top theme parks. It’s top roller coasters include ‘Oblivion’, ‘Th13teen’, and ‘Nemesis’ – so make sure to add these to your bucket list. They host fun events such as Scarefest, children’s summer attractions, and sometimes they even hire actors that will interact with you throughout the park. Alton Towers also has a range of hotels on their site, so why not make your trip a mini holiday? 

Thorpe Park 

Thorpe Park is not for the faint-hearted as there are a fair share of scary rides that will be sure to increase your heart rate; their best rides include ‘Saw – the ride’, ‘Stealth’, ‘Nemesis Inferno’ (as seen on the Inbetweeners), and ‘Derren Brown’s – Ghost Train’. Don’t worry about your children feeling bored though, as there are plenty of kid’s rides to keep your little ones happy. Thorpe Park even has special events throughout the year, such as ‘Fright Nights’. 

Drayton Manor 

Drayton Manor Park and Zoo is much more family-friendly, and has a bigger variety of rides for children – they even have a Thomas the Tank Engine Land for the little ones. Compared to Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, their rides are less intense and more fun orientated; don’t be fooled though, as they still have plenty of fast roller coasters such as ‘Shockwave’, ‘Storm Force 10’, ‘The Buffalo Roller Coaster’, and of course ‘Apocalypse’ – a ride that takes you up to 54 meters in the air, and then drops you to the ground.

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Based in South Wales, this theme park has a fair share of amazing rides such as ‘Megafobia’, ‘Speed’, ‘Bounce’, and ‘Drenched’ – a water roller coaster that will leave you literally… drenched. Oakwood is also a more family orientated theme park which includes a wide range of rides for adults and children to enjoy. 

Adventure Wonderland 

This theme park is solely family orientated, and there are lots of attractions and mini rides for the children to enjoy. Based in Bournemouth, this theme park is also a close distance to Dorset, and Weymouth. Some of their attractions include ‘Wild Bill’s Runaway Train’, ‘Giant Yo-Yo ride’, ‘Ghostly Galleon’, and ‘The Flying Elephants’. If you’re interested in having a school trip at this theme park, why not get in touch with, a Coach Hire Dorset based company that will safely transport you and your class to your favourite attractions on time.

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