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Top 5 Helpful Tips For Solo Travelers

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Roughly a decade ago if you said you want to go on a trip alone, people would think you are crazy to even think of something like that, but today traveling solo has become a trend and most people would describe this experience as liberating. And it truly is, just pack your bags and escape into another world where you can look at things with a fresh perspective. Make sure you make use of all your loyalty programs, that way you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your solo trip!

If you haven’t done this before and are a little nervous about wandering in the unknown territory then the following tips may help you out.

Know everything

Since you are traveling by yourself, you won’t have the liberty to rely on someone else to make plans. It is important that you do your homework well. Read about the place; make a list of places you would want to visit, and the mode of transportation. You may not chalk out a very rigid plan but when you are on the trip you will know your options and you can make a choice accordingly. You can also read up some reviews about the location on the internet before you book your tickets.

Travel light

If you’re traveling alone, you have to carry your entire luggage and take care of it too. The best way is to carry just one bag, and another small shoulder sling to keep all your necessary things. This also means you have to pack everything in that one bag, so choose smartly and carry things that are need-based. Use all your space effectively and avoid carrying things that weigh a lot.

Talk to people

When you are on your trip, traveling solo presents you with endless possibilities of meeting new people and interacting with them. Use this and make some friends. Talk to professionals in your hotel, or at the store and ask them about the places around. You might find something that is not listed on the internet.

Be Careful

Not just your belongings, but you have to look after yourself too. Make sure you are alert and don’t draw unnecessary attention towards yourself. The best way to do that is by dressing up casually; avoid looking like an obvious traveler. Make sure you have all your IDs and documents safe, also carry photocopies of the same.


The experience of traveling all by yourself teaches you a lot, sometimes about yourself and sometimes about the world at large. Keep your mind open and eager to learn and grow through this experience. Once you come back, you might actually be a different person or probably more evolved.

These are just some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you travel solo, make sure you book your tickets in advance and get in touch with your hotel too. Avoid carrying a lot of cash or valuables along with you. You can always withdraw money as and when you need it.

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