To brand or not to brand?

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When you think of marketing and advertising, you automatically think of a brand or a product that the billboard, advert or poster is trying to promote. But what happens when advertising evolves to the point that you no longer realise what you are reading or seeing is actually advertising a brand and its product?

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Currently, the UK Advertising Codes lay down the law about what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour for advertisers and media outlets, but companies are starting to realise that there are more subtle ways to connect with their audience.

Global Reach

With the explosion of social media and its global reach, brands have realised that there are better ways to promote their products. By connecting with the audience through either a likeable character or story, they can portray a way of life connected to their brand and its products rather than pushing individual items.

This theory is being transferred over into web design, with companies such as Drupal Design Agency taking on board these criteria, without ignoring the legal requirements.

Connect on a Different Level

Current regulations that affect all types of advertising include a requirement for accurate descriptions that are truthful and honest as well as being socially responsible. So how does the web design team adhere to these rules whilst incorporating the brand’s desire to connect with customers on a different level?

First, get to know the brand, and understand what it is they are trying to achieve. Ditch the spending on yet another campaign that is branded to within an inch of its life, and instead go back to basics. Pick out the things that make the product great, whether that’s its design, its durability or effectiveness.

Tell the customers why you had the desire to make this product, how it is better than anything else on the market, what it means to you and what it would mean to them if they were to part with their hard-earned cash. Connect with them on a personal level rather than ramming the brand down their throats through the advertising.

Branding should be subtle; it should mean something. If there were less brash branding and more quality products, items would sell themselves. And that means bigger profit margins.

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