Tips for Not Wasting Garage Space

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As houses have got smaller, people often struggle to find sufficient space for storage and other activities. If you have a garage, however, it often becomes a repository for junk and isn’t used to its full potential.

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While just over half of UK households have a garage, only about half of those garages are used for parking cars. People start off with good intentions, intending to store things temporarily in the garage when they move in until they get settled, and then clear it out for other purposes. But as stuff accumulates, clearing it out becomes a daunting task and the garage becomes lost space. So how can you make the best use of it?


Storage is probably the number one use for garages, but if anything that you put in there is likely to deteriorate, you need to make sure your garage is dry and protected against vermin and pests. Rather than just dumping items on the floor, organising things properly with some garage shelving can give you easier access, and you may find it gives you enough space to get the car in too.

If you do put the car in the garage, organising things properly means you can still have plenty of storage space above and around the vehicle. If you have a classic car, placing a cover over it while it’s in the garage can keep dust off and help guard against scuffs and scratches.

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Other Uses

You might, of course, choose to use your garage to give yourself space for other activities. They are a popular choice for hobbies such as building a model railway or housing a workshop, games room or a home gym.  Adding Used Pallet Racking can offer storage and shelving in addition to other uses, so you have the best of both worlds. This is great for uses at home and at work especially if your on a budget as its at a reduced cost.


If your garage is attached to your house with access through an internal door, it’s relatively easy to turn it into extra living space, for example if you are making an extra bedroom, you can add bespoke fitted wardrobes to save space, doing it by yourself could be tricky so it’s best to get in touch with Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire based fitting professionals, or companies that’s local to you to ensure you get the best look to your extra living space – don’t forget to make sure to add some insulation and heating and you can have an extra bedroom or study you always wanted. It does mean that the car will have to stay outside, though.

Alternatively, if you don’t use your garage, why not think about renting it out to someone else and having it earn you some extra income?

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