Tips for Capturing the Perfect Instagram Shots

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Social Media is a growing trend with millennials and Generation Z’s – times have certainly changed from the ’90s where mobile phones were not heard of. Early Social Media platforms included MySpace and Bebo, but these were only accessible on Desktops. It is now easier than ever to access your Social Media pages, and with a tap of a button, you can view thousands of photographs and Social Media posts made by different users. You even have access to many different photo and video editing apps on your smartphone – Snapchat filters have also changed the way photographs are edited on Social Media. Keep reading if you would like to find out different ways to create the perfect Instagram shots.


Flatlay is best described as a ‘real-life collage’, as items are arranged creatively on a surface. The photos are taken at a ‘birds-eye view’ angle with natural lighting; this is a really unique way of taking photographs, and will certainly make your Instagram page stand out a lot more. If you need a bit of inspiration for flat lay photos, restaurants are a great way to take creative food shots, and if your table is positioned near a window, you can get the perfect natural lighting. Why not check out all of the Dublin City Restaurants, or eating places near you so you can enjoy a delicious meal and capture your perfect Instagram shot.

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If you are capturing that gorgeous ‘Morning selfie’, but need better lighting, then you may need a bit of help from Instagram or Snapchat filters; there are many different filters to choose from, even black and white ones. If a photograph is too dark, or the lighting is bad, your photograph will not stand out at all. If you have trouble with lighting, you could buy a ‘selfie light’ attachment to go onto the front of your phone to create that stunning natural selfie.

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Keep your photographs bright and colourful, as there is nothing fresher than seeing a clear, bright, and colourful Instagram profile – it makes it look more professional too. Here are some Instagram profiles to gain some inspiration from.

Be Imaginative 

If you want to post a selfie of you and your friend on Social Media, photographing a standard shot will not gain a huge amount of attention on Instagram. Why not buy a ‘phone tripod’, or a ‘selfie stick’ to test out different angles? This will definitely produce more creative shots. Make sure to post a variety of pictures on your Instagram page to keep viewers interested.

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