These sexual health wellness trends will be big in 2020

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Sexual health experiences its own trends like any other field of the burgeoning wellness industry! So what are the fads and fashions we can expect to affect your sex life in 2020? Here are some of the main trends to know.

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1. Hot oils

This may seem like a strange one for your intimate parts, but industry pundits expect hot oils to become highly popular in the year ahead. Used correctly, these oils can provide various benefits – such as hot oils that increase sexual pleasure, and soothing varieties that help with comfort and relaxation. Look for ingredients such as CBD oil which is a powerful anti-inflammatory with calming effects.

2. Sensual intelligence

Another trend will see people looking more holistically at the concept of pleasure and sensuality, as well as focusing on sex itself. Expect to see tantric massage, massage candles and other slower approaches coming to the fore, as couples seek to broaden their understanding of sensuality and challenge their conceptions of what great sex actually is.

3. Sex and tech

Apps and technology are going to combine to help your emotions and brain connect with your physical sex life. For example, apps now exist to help men who suffer from premature ejaculation to better control their symptoms. Other apps help to monitor women’s hormones and to provide advice for a healthier monthly cycle and sexual wellbeing. Partner therapy is also expected to become more popular. Additionally, chlamydia testing kits London will make it quick and easy to check your sexual health without needing to visit a clinic. Find out more about chlamydia testing kits London here.

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4. Female erotica

This is the first year in which the industry expects to see female driven erotica coming to the fore. Expect to see female-led erotic films, books, blogs, magazines and online communities which prioritise the female experience over traditional male-led pornography.

5. Scent

This is also the year in which aphrodisiac scents will become a hot topic. Fragrances which arouse passions and boost libido are likely to be highly popular and appear in candles, fragrance, room spritzes and bath products. This trend may well carry over into the types of food that we enjoy on a romantic night out, with a renewed focus on fragranced foods and delectable scents.

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