The Top 4 Television and Comedy Double Acts of all time

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Sometimes in life, you can really build a connection with someone, they don’t even have to be family. Being close to someone you’re not related to can be an incredible feeling, and just being able to laugh with them is the best. This definitely applies to comedy and television duos. Here we will take a look at our favourite television and comedy double acts of all time.

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Ant and Dec 

Ant and Dec first graced our TV screens in 1989 on Byker Grove. They quickly became the best of friends, and soon progressed to taking up other opportunities such as singing – Here they became ‘PJ and Duncan’. Their most well-known hit was ‘Let’s get ready to Rumble’, which was nominated at the Brit Awards. During their music career, they had released three studio albums and 16 singles. Today we know them best as television presenters, in which they have hosted Britain’s Got Talent, Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway, and I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here. Ant and Dec have even won ‘Best Presenter’ at the National TV Awards for 19 years in a row. If you want to see Ant and Dec on your TV screen, make sure that your aerial is in full working order, why not get in touch with a Cheltenham Aerial Installation based company, or one nearer to you. Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is back on our screens early this year, so don’t miss out on seeing your favourite double act. 

The Two Ronnies 

The Two Ronnies were one of the most famous British comedy duos of all time. Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett met in 1963 at the Buckstone Club in London, and since then their friendship had grown, along with their genius comedy sketches. Their comedic timing and hilarious scripts really set them apart from other comedy duos, which made them very popular with the British public. Their most notable comedy sketches were ‘The Phantom Raspberry Blower’, and of course –  ‘Fork Handles’. Ronnie Barker sadly passed away in 2005, with Ronnie Corbett’s death following in 2016; their comedy presence is very much still alive though.

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The Chuckle Brothers

The Chuckle Brothers were one of the most popular children’s double acts of all time, and their career lasted for over 30 years. One of their first TV shows was ‘To Me, To you’ on the Children’s television programme, ‘The Chuckle Hounds’, and then later, came a show called ‘Chucklevision’, which aired on ‘CBBC’. The Chuckle Brothers; Barry David Elliott and Paul Harman Elliott were well known for their silly antics, and getting themselves into awkward predicaments on their show. Sadly Barry Elliott passed away in 2018 due to poor health. 

Morecambe and wise 

This comedy duo consisted of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise; Morecambe and Wise first met in 1940, in which they started off as friends, and then became a comedy duo (at the suggestion of Eric’s mother). They began the Morecambe and wise show in 1978. This comedy duo worked together for 43 years but ended when Eric Morecambe passed away in 1984 due to a heart attack. Ernie Wise sadly died in 1999 from heart failure and a chest infection. Fans continue to keep their spirit alive though, as their comedy shows continue to be enjoyed by many generations.

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