The Best Vloggers on Youtube

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Vloggers are people who show most parts of their lives on Youtube; some are travel vloggers, some are gaming vloggers, and others are lifestyle and beauty vloggers. As of 2019, there are approximately 31 million youtube channels, so it is a forever growing trend. If you are stuck on how to begin as a Youtube vlogger, here are a few tips to start you off. Getting paid to travel and make videos is a dream for many, and for a lucky few their dreams have become a reality. If you want to become a travel vlogger on Youtube yourself, why not make a list of countries you want to visit? Places such as Turkey have lots of things to see and do, so you will not be stuck for video inspirations. If you are looking for somewhere to stay, why not check out websites like, a company that has plenty of Luxury Villas in Turkey. Here we take a look at the best vloggers on Youtube. 


PewDiePie is a Swedish vlogger that creates a variety of videos on his Youtube channel. He posts gaming videos, hilarious ‘Try Not To Laugh’ videos, review videos, and general content about new things happening. He is not a lifestyle or travel vlogger that documents his everyday life, but he still posts regular videos. He currently has an outstanding 103 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the world.

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Zoella is one of the most famous YouTubers in the UK; she posts a combination of make – up tutorials, ‘clothing hauls’, and lifestyle vlogs. Many shops including Boots and Superdrug sell Zoella beauty products and merchandise. Zoella currently has 11.5 million subscribers on her main Youtube channel, and 4.82 million subscribers on her second channel, ‘Zoe Sugg’. Zoe is in a relationship with ‘Pointless Blog Vlogs’ owner Alfie Deyes.

Pointless Blog Vlogs 

Pointless Blog Vlogs is owned by Youtuber Alfie Deyes; he posts a variety of lifestyle vlogs and challenge videos. Along with Zoella, he is one of the UK’s most popular YouTubers. Alfie’s vlog channel currently has 3.78 million subscribers, whilst his main channel has 5 million subscribers.


Markiplier is an American Youtuber that posts a combination of gaming walkthroughs, gaming challenges, ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenges, and much more. With his funny sense of humour and creative video ideas, Markiplier has managed to gain 23 million subscribers on his channel. He shares a lot of his life on Social Media too, as well as his adorable dog ‘Chica’.

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Logan Paul 

Although Logan Paul has been mixed up in a lot of controversies during his Youtube career, he is certainly not short of views and subscribers; he currently has a subscriber count of 20.3 million. Logan Paul posts regular travel vlogs, and challenge videos. 

Ryan’s World (ryan toysreview)

Ryan is one of Youtube’s youngest vloggers; at just 8 years old he has been able to bag over 23.9 million subscribers on his channel – what an achievement. The videos he posts are ‘toy reviews’, where he plays with them, and tests them out – this is certainly a dream job for a child. As well as toy review videos, he also posts lifestyle type vlogs that feature his parents.

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