T-shirts more than a fashion statement

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As a tool to initiate thoughtfulness, conversations, or used as a medium to spark smiles, image designs on t-shirts often express unique ideas, a wide array of humor, or say something simply about the world we live in.

So go ahead…. jump right in…. grab a funny t-shirt design idea from a t-shirt favorite shown here in our gallery, or checkout hot styles inside ‘idea galleries’ where you can create designs on stylish American Apparel, Anvilm, Augusta, Bella, Champion, Code, Cornerstone, Gildan, Hanes, more….. by going here!

Later you can head out to visit friends, and grab their feedback, we’ll bet you’ll create quite a few smiles wearing the best pop culture medium ever invented.

According to fashion experts, long written humor statements, or short stories, may not function well when printed on a t-shirt.

Unless of course, you don’t mind people you don’t know following you around to read what else is on your t-shirt. The less words printed, is said to always be better.

When you decide to customize a humor t-shirt creation, remember only you are the Judge.

Contain humorous statements in the form of a simple word, or a one line, or two line sentence, for the best presentation results.

How to design your own t-shirt and get exactly what you want.

Everything we need when we decide to design our own t-shirt is already in place when we choose design a shirt.

The only challenge is taking the few minutes of time needed to get it all done.

Getting what we exactly want drives a lot of us.

Even if we’re not quite exactly certain what it is that we actually want (or think we want) we still spend our time doing all sorts of things that we think might get us there. How exhausting!

All that wanting and doing can take us far away from ourselves, and out of the present moment where everything else in life happens.

The end result can be dissatisfaction no matter how much we really achieved that day or all the days before it.

Clearing out the clutter that we’ve built up in our lives is a good place for anyone to start.

When we make space, good things can happen.

We’ve all experienced it. A simple task like cleaning the house can leave us feeling calm, relaxed, and inspired.

There is literally more room to think in a clean house. Whether it is through cleaning, practice, meditation, or thoughtful planning.

When we make space, in our lives, the good stuff has room to come our way.

So get started “right now” designing that tee you know you want. 🙂

T-Shirt Facts

According to a survey sponsored by Jerzees Activewear (a division of the Russell Corporation and conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International ), There are several facts about t-shirts that t-shirt owners just may not know.

Here are some of the facts we thought were the most interesting:

– Nine out of ten Americans claim to own a favorite t-shirt.

– A plain white t-shirt is often cited ass the most favorite color, followed by the second and third choices of blue and black.

– Sixty-two percent of those surveyed claim to own more than ten t-shirts (Adding that up equals a staggering 1.5 billion T’s!

– Line them up, and they would circle the world some 34 times!

* Here are some examples of humor statements, that appear to work well on t-shirts:

“I was so ugly when I was born
the doctor slapped my mother”

“Dear Lord, If you can’t make me skinny,
please make all my friends fat”

Herbie presents: How to customize humor on t-shirts “Stupid Bank Teller
got fired for stealing ink pens”

“All Men Are Idiots
I Know Cause I Married Their King”

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