Some ways to reduce your warehouse waste.

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We all know that we should be reducing the amount of waste we produce. This is even more important in a business setting. Why? Reducing waste can save time and money. Businesses need someone to get rid of their waste, so they either take someone away from their normal duties to deal with it or employ a dedicated person. It isn’t a case of a nice thing to do. Pneumatic conveying systems companies like have to look at their waste and how the systems they sell can reduce it.

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In addition, more and more customers will only buy from companies that dispose of waste properly. Some people now return excess packaging to the place they bought it from, which increases the business waste issue. Not a happy place for businesses to be. Businesses can save money by improving their waste management systems.

Another, and perhaps the most important, reason is that waste has a habit of expanding outside of its designated area, making it a potential cause of accidents, and no business wants that. Perhaps what companies need is greater organisation of waste by use of part bins in which to store things.

With this in mind, consider these ways to reduce waste packaging.

1. Repurpose

We all know that recycling is better than disposing, but what about repurposing or reusing? Lots of things can be repurposed – for example, cardboard boxes can be given a new lease of life when storing office equipment. People moving house almost always want cardboard boxes.

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2. More Collections

As we’ve said above, uncollected waste tends to expand and can quickly become a hazard. Arrange for several collections a day to get rid of it. Use part bins as interim storage before it is removed from site.

3. Waste Champions

Companies seem to have champions for everything these days, but waste champions can really make a difference. Just make sure you get enthusiastic and positive people. And use of part bins makes their job much easier.

4. Community Partnerships

This one will really impress your eco-friendly customers. Check your local area for charities or community projects that can make use of some of your waste products. People are far more innovative than you might think.

5. The Right Size of Packaging

Who hasn’t received parcels from a well-known online company and wondered why it’s such a big box for such a small item? Sometimes the box has to be big in order to protect what’s inside. Not always.


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