Some of the most important Speeches in ancient history.

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It is a well said and well-worn statistic that people only remember 10 or 20% of what they read but 80% of what they see and hear. Human brain’s generally work better when they can see what is in front of them and if the subject matter is important and delivered with flourish and rhetoric. Getting the right person to do it can change the world. While you may not want to aim that high for your event if  you need a Conference Speaker you can find a variety by searching online. Here are some of the most important speeches ever made in the ancient world that we still feel the effects of today.

  1. Krishna to Arjuna on the eve of the Kurukshetra War. The Great Warrior Arjuna is having doubts as to whether the war against his friends, teachers and relatives should be fought. His Charioteer Lord Krishna drives him out to No Man’s land and explains to him why he has to fight and the workings of the world. This forms the basis for the Bhagavad Gita a key tenet of Hindu faith.
  2. Gautama Buddha. In 570BC in Sarnath this is where Buddha makes a speech that lays out the foundations for Buddhism and its teachings. This would lead to one of the world’s largest religions and faith systems.
  3. The Apology of Socrates 399BC. On trial for corruption and being critical of the state Socrates launches his defence with a speech. It is based around knowing that he knows nothing and from this comes his Wisdom. As his death was in 399BC it didn’t work but it does give us an idea as to the great man’s philosophy and writing.

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  1. Catiline Orations 63BC. The Roman Senate was truly a bear pit of debate and oratory and Cicero was certainly one of its masters. Here he exposes the role played by Catiline in trying to overthrow the senate but he also speaks of rights and civil liberties too.
  2. The Sermon on the Mount 30 AD. More of a compilation of Jesus sayings and work this speech is a declaration of the Christian faith and its principles. It is essentially Jesus’s manifesto of belief and blessings. This is where faith and religion truly begins.

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  1. The Call to the First Crusades 1095. Pope Urban II makes history and sets up centuries of trouble. Urban II has received a letter from Byzantium requesting help to stop the Sejuk Turks. In an impassioned speech he berates and cajoles the Council to gather their forces and March on the East. He offers remission of sins, a coming apocalypse and his authority as the representative of God on Earth to urge them on.

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