Ways to send birthday cards on time after Covid

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Birthday cards, along with letters and even Christmas cards, are being overlooked thanks to technology such as Facebook, email, WhatsApp and text messages. It doesn’t matter how many fun emojis you put next to your cyber message, however, as nothing is as special as receiving a handwritten card in the post.

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An article published in the Guardian discusses the joys of letter writing and how it is becoming a lost art.

Being organised

If you are from a generation that remembers life before the internet, you will know that buying and sending birthday cards takes planning and organisation. Once you have decided who you want to send cards to, it is a good idea to write them down in date order. This can be done in your diary, on an app on your phone, on your computer, or some people even invest in a birthday book.  You can sit in your Park Homes Gloucester location that you sourced through sites like parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park  with a drink and think about all the family, loved ones and friends you have.

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Having a good selection of cards ready is a great tip. In this way, when you check your birthday list, you can select a card and have it written and posted in good time without worrying about it arriving late. It is better to send your card early than for it to arrive late, and you can always put a note on the back telling the recipient to open it on the day.

Make your own

If you don’t have an appropriate card to hand, why not consider making your own? All you need is some craft card, a few basic stationery items such as coloured pens and glue, and some imagination. Printing pictures from your computer is quick and easy to do, with decorating the card with photos or pictures of things that remind you of your friend or relative showing how much you care and making their day.

Sending cards in brightly-coloured envelopes will make them stand out against the more mundane post, with companies such as https://www.colourenvelopes.co.uk/ providing a great selection of colours and sizes.

Finally, always make sure you have a supply of stamps and that your address book is up to date. If you prefer to keep this kind of information on your computer, you can store it so that it is instantly accessible and even print address labels; however, hand-written addresses are just as good and in many ways more personal.

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