Marketing Your Brand Using Colour

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Marketing your brand can seem like a minefield to beginners. The help of a marketing strategy consultant such as is important when you are trying to get it right, as you really need someone who knows what they are doing. Today we are going to look at colour in marketing and why it is so important that you get it right.

Because humans subconsciously rely on colour to guide them, it is crucial in marketing your brand to choose wisely. From your logo to the look and feel of your website, each colour can be associated with certain ideas and provoke certain feelings in someone. Here are some of the main colours used and a bit of the psychology behind them…

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Red – Red is used commonly in fast food logos as it invokes a sense of urgency. It also stimulates feelings of hunger, and an ‘act now’ response which is why you will also see signs advertising sales in red. It commands attention.

Yellow – The colour of sunshine, yellow can promote feelings of optimism and happiness. It is important when using yellow in a logo though to match it with the right colour, otherwise you could end up undoing the positive feelings that yellow promotes.

Blue – Blue is a calm colour, and represents to us clear thinking, level headedness and wisdom. It is a popular colour for many companies for these reasons, but you need to be careful that you still stand out from the crowd if you use a lot of blue in your logo.

Green – Human beings are drawn to green as the colour of calm and of nature. This is why health foods and hospitals will use a lot of green in their logos. It can also represent prosperity which is why it is also popular in the banking sector.

Purple – Purple has strong historical associations with royalty which is why it is seen as the colour of decadence – prestigious health spas and hotels use the colour purple, as well as Cadburys chocolate!

Pink – Pink is used to appeal to females and most of the brands that use pink in their logo are directing themselves at a female market, and often at the youth market as well. There are some exceptions, and the colour pink can help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Black – Black is seen as stylish and sophisticated, so many brands that want to portray that image rely heavily on black in their logo. Combined with another colour it can also have a striking impact. It can also signify luxury as well as purple.

White – White is associated with a clean and modern look, and brands that use white in their logo are aiming to portray that to people. The pitfall of using a lot of white is that if it done incorrectly, can result in the brand not standing out from the crowd.

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