Living room interior trends for 2020

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For many people in the Cotswolds and elsewhere, staying in is the new going out. And because of this, we are investing more money in decorating our homes and designing interiors to make our homes feel like a sanctuary; a place in which we want to relax and spend our free time.

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An article in Ideal Home suggests that on average, Londoner’s will spend a whopping £5781 a year on decorating and furnishing their homes.

Homeowners in Gloucester may spend a little more conservatively than that but if you want the perfect pad, here are some living room design trends for 2020.

Warming neutrals

When it comes to neutral shades, grey has been prevalent on the interior design circuit for a long time. This year will see a shift from cold grey to slightly warmer, neutral tones like beige and taupe. Just as contemporary and easy to accessorise, but with the ability to create a cosier ambience. Pair this with the benefits of some Gloucester double glazing expertise from a firm such as Firmfix and your home will soon feel warm and cosy.


Layering is a great way to add texture and detail to a room. Lay down a plush rug or throw a knitted blanket over the back of your sofa and you are immediately adding depth and detail to a room. A thick rug can add feelings of warmth to a traditional Cotswolds hardwood or stone floor.

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Green is another major design trend of the year. Whether you’re brave enough to daub your walls or if you’d prefer the subtler approach of adding green cushions, rugs or curtains, the naturalistic vibe of the colour is very prevalent in interior design this year. Team it with salmon pink for the ultimate statement living room.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns and prints have been around for a while and they show no sign of going away in 2020. It’s a striking design that can be overdone so take care not to use it too much. For example, if you want to use geometric prints on a feature wall then opt for plain soft furnishings and vice versa. Done well it can give any room a modern, contemporary vibe. Done badly it will be likely to give you and your guests a headache!

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