John Smith’s new media empire

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In yesterday’s newspaper, a man by the name of John Smith spoke about his experiences opening up a major production company. He covered a lot of topics, ranging from finding funding for his ideas as a new, young entrepreneur, to knowing which projects to work on. Mr. Smith mentioned a variety of things, including mistakes he had made in his early days, many of which were rectified over time and lessened with advice he had received from business coaching services. He mentioned that these services, and all ways in which he invested into himself and his dreams, were worth the time and money. He urged all viewers with hard-to-reach business goals, to invest in proper advice and mentorship.

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He also spoke about all the exciting movies he got to produce and how he has always loved storytelling. Mr. Smith also revealed to the interviewer that he was planning on releasing both fiction and non-fiction books, as an extension of his media empire. He craves constant change and welcomes new challenges. This is perhaps why he has released many movies that were at first rejected by other production companies. His movies have been received by with mixed reviews but are considered very artistic and daring.

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