How quickly do symptoms of an STI appear?

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Symptoms of an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and how quickly they manifest themselves vary depending on what STI you have. We will take a look at the four most common STIs.

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Chlamydia is the most common STI. The NSH website details that common symptoms of this sexually transmitted infection include;

– Discharge from the vagina or penis
– Pain when peeing
– Vaginal bleeding between periods or after sex
– Lower abdominal pain in women, or
– Testicular pain in men.

Symptoms can take between one to three weeks to manifest themselves. But over half of cases present no symptoms at all.

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Genital Herpes

This STI causes;

– Small, painful blisters around the genitals
– Pain when peeing and,
– Tingling or itching around the genitals.

Symptoms may occur three to seven days after coming into contact with the infection, but many do not present symptoms until months or years after becoming infected.

Genital Warts

This is another infection which may not present symptoms for months or years, but may show three weeks after coming into contact with an infected partner. This STI presents itself as small, fleshy growths or bumps around the genitals or anus.


This is another STI which may take a long time before presenting any symptoms. These include:

– A yellow or green discharge from the vagina or penis and
– Pain while peeing.

As these STIs can stay hidden for long periods, it is important to get yourself checked if you think you may be at risk. Many have taken advantage of home sti kits Greenwich residents can perform these tests in the privacy of their own home. It is easy to source these kits, with websites such as, taking away the embarrassment some may feel when visiting a Doctor’s surgery or GUM clinic.

With the introduction of a kit you can get sent to your home, many will feel that this is a much less traumatic option than visiting a clinic.

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