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5 Tips to Help You Land Your First Job After College

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When you graduate from college, your new reality will be finding a job, which could be an excruciating process. Excruciating because it can be hard to know what direction you should look in and you need to make sure that you are prepared for the process. If you aren’t prepared, the process will be a lot more daunting – even if you are confident that you are the right candidate for a specific position. For instance, if you went to Boston University for your science degree, you know that you have a competitive edge in an in-demand market, but actually applying for jobs and going to interviews can be stressful.

Here are five tips to help you land your first job after college.

  1. Practice the Interview Process

One of the most important ways to prepare for an interview, so that you can increase your chances of landing a job, is to practice the interview process. You can ask for a friend or significant other to quiz you and grill you. Getting the hang of the interview process is the first and most daunting hurtle. Once you jump over, it will be a lot easier.

  1. Polish Your Resume

When you do get to your interview, you will need to procure your resume or curriculum vitae. This is why you want to polish your resume so that all of your current job experience and education is listed. If you just got your degree from an NEC Online program, you want to make sure to list your degree on your resume. Also, if you had any internships, you want to list those too, because it can help.

  1. Ask for Reference Letters

Before you graduate from college, you want to ask your professors for a reference letter. Of course, you only want to ask your professors that you know the best – your professors that you had a connection with. This is much easier if you had a very intensive program because there is a good chance that you worked with a professor every day. All you have to do is ask politely and your professor should be glad to write a letter.

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before

The night before your interview is the most important, because if you are out all night having fun and spending time with friends, you may wake up feeling sick and not very ready for your interview. This is why you want to get to sleep early and you want to make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep. The more sleep, the better.

  1. Hit the Pavement and Apply to as Many Jobs as Possible

If you want to find a job after college, you want to increase your probability of getting hired. The best way to do this is to apply to as many jobs as possible. You want to apply everywhere. If you apply to a lot of positions, you have a great likelihood of getting an interview. In the end, sometimes getting a job after college is all about getting your foot in the door.

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