Pendant lights in the dining room

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Lighting is always the last final touch to complete your decor. For example, with a chandelier over the dining table you can create the perfect statement while still matching your chosen decoration. Here are some tips on how to get exactly the right look with a stylish pendant light for your dining room.

Tip 1: Consider the function of the pendant lamp

You must first look at where the pendant light is best suited to your existing decoration and what your needs are for the lighting around your dining table. Do you prefer a warm and comfortable lighting or would you rather have more of a bright white light to use functionally? If you prefer to have both functions in one light it ideal to go for a dimmable light pendant. With dimmable lights, you can easily control the intensity of light for the effect you want.

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Do not go overboard with the style of pendant you choose, and remember you’re looking for a more functional yet stylish light that will not overshadow your dinner table … after all you need to see what you’re eating every day! Don’t forget to add the perfect ceiling rose to complete the look. For a range of Ceiling Roses, visit a site like

Tip 2: What is the perfect height of a pendant light?

For an area as important as the place where you eat and socialise every day, the height at which the pendant lamp is installed is important as you are seeking the ideal lighting but not a fitting that will obscure or leave you blind! Of course, you should consider the size of your dining room table, but a rough guide is that a 4 to 6 seated table, it is suggested that the pendant lamp measure between 60 & 70cm aloft your dining table. Calculate the distance from the table to the bottom of the lampshade that allows the lamp to hang at eye level when you stand and see the inner shadow when sitting. Picking out an adjustable pendant lamp is a good idea so you can adjust it to the desired length!

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Tip 3: Look for pendant lights your decor

This sounds easy but it can really be quite tricky sometimes! When it comes to style and decor, you do not want a mish-mash of everything, it should be natural and flow. Thankfully, there are some stunning light fittings available in the different categories of styles making it easier for you to choose the style that suits you. Whether you want a traditional and glamourous chandelier or a sleek, contemporary centrepiece, ensuring it blends with the décor and is hung at the right height will make your dining room a sight to behold indeed!

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