best alternatives for 123movies

123movies closed! Don’t worry, we find out the best alternatives for 123movies

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Web pages that allow downloading files come and go frequently. Many of them are often forced to close for various reasons, one of the most common that the audiovisual industry has focused on you, and I threaten you with very serious legal repercussions if you do not close. This is what happened to 123movies.

123movies is forced to close due to industry pressures

best alternatives for 123movies

Just three days ago we wrote an article about 123movies, which had become the new king of piracy portals. The web had dethroned The Pirate Bay, which until now was the most popular after the closure of KickassTorrents. It had about 3.3 million daily visitors and operated with other names such as 123movieshub or Gomovies. Continue reading: Best Movie Sites Similar to Rainierland

The website announced a few hours ago that it would close later this week as they have published on their website, under the following message:

“We have been offering links to movies and series for years. Now is the time to say goodbye. Thank you for being our friends and thank you for being with us all that time. Postscript: please pay for movies and series. That is what we should do to show our respect to those who work by creating them. “

123movies search engine As we can see, this last sentence allows us to understand better the reason for closing this website. It is very likely that the industry had its eye on the web for some time, and in fact, the MPAA referred to it last week as “the most popular illegal website in the world.”

123movies: the model of Pordede and Plusdede, but internationally

best alternatives for 123movies

Along with this, they claimed that the website operated from Vietnam and that it has 98 million monthly visits. Last year, the US ambassador to Vietnam called on the country’s government to initiate a case against the web operator in his country of residence. The website was also on the “Notorious Markets” list, which includes the most popular pirate websites.

123movies allowed seeing a great variety of movies and series in streaming stored in Open load or other similar servers, in a similar way to what Pardee and Plusdede do. It was not necessary to even leave the web since the browser included a window to the player. The web had been operating for three years, and in its short history had changed several times in name and domain to try to avoid the authorities. Now, there are only a few days left until it closes definitively.

Luckily, if you are one of those who value quality in the movies and series you watch, you probably avoided the web from the beginning, since the quality of the content they linked to was quite low. Also, when viewing videos, the load is slow and full of ads.

Best alternatives for 123movies

best alternatives for 123movies

Hollywood is the cradle of the current cinema, so most film premieres are made first in the United States, and then they arrive in other countries. Therefore, if you want to enjoy this type of audiovisual content before anyone else, the good idea is to anticipate the release of the films in many countries. Many of the websites for the viewing of online movies are paid. But today we have been commissioned to collect the best alternatives for 123movies.

That’s why we’ve also liked to include the best websites to watch movies in English and gratis, so enjoy our selection, and we hope you find the movie you’re looking for in them.

Best alternatives for 123movies WoloW tube

best alternatives for 123movies

This page is of recent creation, but this means that it is a very lively project, constantly updated and in which we are constantly working to expand the catalog offered. This page focuses on the streaming of movies and television series, being able to find in it more than 15,000 different titles. It is a very varied search engine for online movies, which also focuses mainly on films of high quality and assessment, so it is highly recommended to use it from time to time to discover the content of interest. Navigation on your platform will be very clean and simple, and also is not as full of ads as others, so it will make things much easier.

Best alternatives for 123movies Haloamovies

best alternatives for 123movies

This free movie website is perfect to experience the new generation of streaming since it has a very nice design perfect for viewing online content through the players included in the web. Also, it has very attractive features that make the platform a dynamic environment to navigate through. For example, when you move the cursor over the tab of the movies, it will automatically turn and offer a synopsis of it, or even details about its director, length of the film, etc.

Haloamovies is another one of those web pages destined to the visualization of films and free series that in spite of its recent creation already offers a wide range of which to choose within its catalog, for what is worth trying it. They are also very strict with the type of content they include, always trying to offer 720p quality as standard, and no less.

When looking for movies offers an interesting option beyond the typical classification by genre, score or titles, and that we can configure our parameters to filter the search for a film in question according to our needs.

In addition to its web version, the Haloamovies app for both mobile phones and PCs is also available, and it’s also totally free! So another point more in their favor, as it offers something different from the rest. And also a very useful extra, everything is said.

When playing movies, you can choose a wide variety of subtitles (up to five different languages), but you will also have the possibility to add others downloaded from any other place, or your thanks to the additional addition of external subtitles. Incorporates.

Best alternatives for 123movies CmoviesHD

best alternatives for 123movies

Another website to be taken into account because it is updated daily adding new and interesting titles. Movies that you can see both on the platform itself through its streaming service, as through a link to third-party servers, but always within the quality standards that we have been talking about.

Also, it has a very simple design but works well for web browsing, so the user will not feel frustrated at any time if you have to look for a series or movie inside it.

If, on the other hand, what is yours is the sports programming and not this type of content, maybe you are interested in the best websites to watch soccer online for free.

Best alternatives for 123movies GoMovies

best alternatives for 123movies

Another page to see very interesting films because of the possibilities that it brings, and that is if you are fully involved in this world you will surely remember how became one of the main alternatives when it comes to watching free movies. After the legal problems they had, they returned to work and worked daily to recover the throne that they left vacant with their disappearance.

Thanks to this, you can find movies of all types and year in it, which are also integrated within its platform, so it will not redirect you to any streaming or host of third parties. It also has good quality in the vast majority of tapes, so it is again a very important option to consider.

Best alternatives for 123movies OnlineMoviesCinema

best alternatives for 123movies

This page stands out for offering a large number of movies to watch online and is also updated daily so that we can find succulent news regularly. The available quality in which each film is uploaded is shown by passing the cursor over it, having an option that we found very interesting as is the possibility of watching 3D movies.

As for the ads, it also presents some emerging pop-ups, but nothing that surpasses the usual tone of this type of web, and that much less tarnishes the visualization of content within it.

Do you know any more relevant web that should be included in this list? Do you prefer to watch movies online or at the cinema? Are you an active user of any of the pages shown? Leave us a comment below with what you have to say about 123movies and its alternatives! You might also read:

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