A guide to scrapping your car

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When your car is at the end of its life and you can’t keep it or sell it, scrapping it is an option. While it can be a tough decision, if you’re attached to your faithful old vehicle, there are times when you just have to admit it’s time to call it a day. The reason for scrapping cars typically includes MoT failure or mechanical problems that would cost almost as much (or more) of the car’s worth to put right. So, what to do?

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Use only authorized treatment facilities

When you are looking for a scrapyard, make sure it’s an authorized treatment facility (ATF), which means it is registered with the Environment Agency, which ensures that scrapyards stick to the rules and regulations surrounding the demolition of vehicles and correct handling of waste material. A complete list can be found on the site ATF Environment Agency website or for a Birmingham Scrap Yard, visit a site like https://www.birminghamautobreak.com/

What if my car cannot be moved to the scrapyard?

If your car won’t start or is not legal to drive, most scrapyards can collect the vehicle from you. They will, though, wish to cover their transportation costs and you will probably find you are offered a lower payment for your car to cover these costs. For cars that can still be driven, this option is still chosen by those drivers who might feel upset to see their car at the scrapyard.

Try scrap merchants online

Do not always accept the first price offered. Many companies dealing with end-of-life vehicles have an online presence. Some allow you to enter your car registration number so that they can determine the value. If you agree with their assessment, they will collect the car from you. You can probably get a better deal for your car by using one of the scrap metal comparison sites. If dealing with an independent trader, though, make sure it is registered with local authorities. It must have a license number, which should be prominently displayed on the site.

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Consider selling parts of your car

If you are willing to put in a little extra time and effort, there is a chance you could make money by taking out and selling the car parts prior to it being scrapped. A mechanic will be able to give it the once over to see if it is worthwhile, as the market is booming for certain car parts but not for others. If you do not remove the parts themselves, you have to take into account labour costs garages will charge to do it for you. Remember that if your car has been written off in an accident and classified as a write-off, it cannot be used for parts and must be completely scrapped.

Get your documentation

Whichever method you use to get rid of your old car, make sure you tell the DVLA when you’ve discarded it. While ATF scrapyards and leading organizations must submit the correct part for your V5C, there is no harm in writing a quick letter to DVLA, giving the registration number of the car and explain what you have done with it. Unscrupulous merchants have been known to sell a car intended for a pile of garbage to unsuspecting members of the community, both domestically and abroad.

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