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5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your College Student

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As a parent of a child in college, there is a good chance that you worry if he or she is safe and having fun. What you don’t need to worry about, though, is running out of gift ideas, because there is a lot that a college student needs. What do you get someone that has virtually nothing? A lot apparently.

If your college student is living in the dorms, there are a lot of bare essentials that are needed to stay warm and comfortable. Moreover, there are items your college student could use to stay more organized. There are also gifts that will help your college student stay happy and alert while studying.

Here are five amazing gift ideas for your college student.

  1. External Hard Drive

One of the best gifts that you could get your college student is an external hard drive. Usually, you want to go with the terabyte variety, because there is a good chance that your college student will be going through a lot of data. A desktop computer can only handle so much data until it crashes, or until the scratch disk is full. With an external hard drive, there will be a space to keep big files and also to keep backups.

  1. Coffee Gift Cards

Another great gift for college students is coffee gift certificates. There is a good chance that the college student in your life studies at various coffee shops around town. You may want to purchase a card with a certain amount of money on it to allow that college student to have a steady supply of drip coffee. During a study session, especially one that lasts all night, an average college student could go through three, four, or more cups of coffee to stay awake.

  1. A New Tablet

Tablets are a great gift for college students because they aren’t as big as laptops but they can still do a lot. With a tablet, a college student could power through notes, record lectures and even answer some emails. Another great thing about tablets is that a college student can watch a movie when a study session is over.

  1. Bluetooth Headphones

If you are going to get your college student a tablet, you may as well also splurge on a pair of Bluetooth headphones. When it comes down to it, Bluetooth is the way of the future. It has been around for a few years, but the technology keeps getting better. With a pair of Bluetooth headphones, music can be enjoyed from any device and you don’t need to deal with wires, which is a pretty good deal.

  1. A New Comforter

There is a good chance for your son or daughter that is in college has a bare, hardly-insulated dorm room. This is the case for most college dorms – from the University of Cincinnati to the University of Illinois. If this is the case, it probably gets pretty cold in there during the night. This is why a comforter is such a great gift. In the end, a comforter can keep a person warm no matter what the temperature is.

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