4 Types of Outside Professions if you Dislike Office Work

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Everybody in this world is different, so different hobbies, tastes and talents depends on the person. While some people thrive in the world of Office work, others will find it’s not for them. If you are a child that did better in woodwork class rather than math class, you may be more suited to a practical job. It’s important to remember that all because you’re not good at certain things, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a talent in anything. There’s a job for everyone, and there’s certainly a wide variety of professions that will take your fancy. Here are 4 types of practical outdoor roles.

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If you can build a wall out of bricks successfully, you are certainly skilled in your profession. It requires concentration, and being able to work out how many bricks you’ll need for a certain job. This is a manual and tiring profession – but if you love the outdoors, this job will definitely be for you. To be able to do this trade you will typically need to get a qualification at college, or become an apprentice.

Tree Surgeon

Although this seems like a simple task of just cutting down a tree, Tree surgeons are professionals in their field – and there’s a reason for that. You will need the correct tools, proper safety procedures and safety equipment to do this job. Cutting a tree at the incorrect angle can cause it to fall the wrong way, creating damage to your property, or even worse to yourself. Professionals such as https://kieranboylandtreeservices.com/, a Poole Tree Surgeon based company will know the correct procedures, and will be able to properly deal with potential problems. Training to be a Tree surgeon could be something to keep in mind if you love the outdoors.

Farm Labourer

Although this is a demanding job that comes with many responsibilities, it would be the perfect profession for someone who loves working with manual machinery, and of course being outdoors. You get to tend to animals, drive tractors, use farm machinery – and most importantly enjoying the fresh air.

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Car Maintenance jobs

If you easily know your way around a car, and can fix your own – you’re already on the right path. This job involves working with others and being sociable, and if you’re a keen lover of fast cars this job will be perfect for you. You will even be able to get free or discounted MOT’s and maintenance work on your own car.

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