Life Balance in College

4 Tips for Finding Life Balance in College

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What is life balance? In your post-graduate life, there may be a balance between work and play – you get home after a long day at the office and commit yourself to relax and decompressing until you have to go back to work again. In college, life balance is harder to achieve, especially if you live on campus because your entire life becomes about school. However, if you want to adjust to campus life, you want to be sure that you force a divide between your school life and regular life. This is totally possible on campus – you just have to remember to turn off. Moreover, you may want to get out of town on the weekends, or any time that you have a break. Indeed, you need to be able to draw a large barrier between your personal life and school life, which can be a challenge – maybe even one of the biggest challenges in college. Here are four tips for finding life balance in college.

  1. Turn it All Off After You Study

After you study, you want to be sure to shut down your computer, your phone – all the electronics. You want to go outside and get a dose of real life. This could mean spending time with friends or simply going on a walk. Once you have created that divide and have gotten some fresh air, you can then go home, or back to your dorm, and relax.

  1. Study Earlier Than Later

When it comes to studying, you want to be sure that you study earlier. If you wait until later, you may spend all night long studying, which will put you on a bad path. Ideally, you want to get started with studying right after your classes are over. If you are getting a degree online, you want to switch gears over to your textbooks. If you are going to New York University, you may want to head over to the library and get started.

  1. Go Out of Town on the Weekends

On the weekends, you want to try and get out of town. Of course, not every college student can afford to get out of town, so you may want to simply go camping or head back home on a road trip with your friends. This is possibly the best way to create a divide between your personal life and school life. Moreover, you may want to try and get out into nature – spending just an hour in the forest or hiking some trails will make you feel so much more refreshed. When you get back to school, you will be a lot more motivated.

  1. Make a Schedule for Yourself

On top of everything, you want to make a schedule for yourself. You want to have a schedule for school, and you want to have a schedule for your personal life. There is a good chance that your school calendar will fill up quickly, but if your personal calendar is a little empty, you want to fill it out with activities.

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