10 Items College Freshman Don’t Really Need

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It almost brings a tear to my eye every time I reminisce about my freshman year of college. I remember late nights, early mornings, and making memories that will one day embarrass me during the best man speech of my future wedding. Ahh, a walk down memory lane has never felt so good!

Freshman year of college is a special time in every student’s life as it is the start of a brand new journey. Parents are notorious for oversupplying their children with items they don’t really need. Thus, in an attempt to help you become aware of the realties college, I have made a list spelling out the ten items college freshman don’t really need. Read on to learn more.

  1. Printers

99.9% of the time, one would think a printer would be perfect for an individual who has to write many-a-paper. However, college freshman does not need printers anymore; nearly every college has free printing for their students. (Although, I suppose it’s not really free since they are paying for college.) Leave the printer at home; it’ll have more use there. 

  1. Brand New Textbooks

Brand new college textbooks are outrageously expensive and the worst part is, after you buy them, they immediately go down in value. I mean, how much can economics 101 really change from one year to another? It’s a perfect crime. If you do your research, you’ll be able to find services where you can rent textbooks; effectively saving you plenty of cash.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

  1. Space Age Computers

Although owning the computer that has every accessory you need and every accessory you don’t need is nice; it is not necessary. College campuses have plenty of computers for students to use for free. When searching for a computer, purchase the model that fits all of your school requirements, and any extracurricular activities you might get involved with. (I’m guessing watching YouTube videos.) Fortunately for you, as technology progresses, even the cheaper models of computers are more than equipped to help your students handle their assignments.

  1. All the Clothes in Your Closet

Yes, I like having fashion options as much as the next person, but dorm room space is limited. Bring only the clothes you need for the season; as the seasons change and you go home over break, you can update your wardrobe accordingly. Space is a premium in the dorms.

  1. Landline Phones

I’m willing to bet your student owns a cell phone and it’s attached to their hip. In the event that your student doesn’t own a cell phone, most colleges have areas where students can place calls for free. If you’re unsure, call college admissions to inquire.

  1. Kitchen Utensils

Unless your student likes to cook and the dorm has a working kitchen, kitchen utensils will not be needed.  Save the utensils for life outside of the dorms; that’s where they realize their true value.

  1. A Car

Although I do appreciate the ability to travel at any given moment, a car is not necessary for most college freshmen. Why? Most college campuses have shuttles to take students where they need to go. Chances are your student will make friends with an upperclassman that do have cars and will take them where they need to be. Worst case scenario, Uber has plenty of drivers to take your student places.

  1. The Largest Meal Plan

Most colleges offer different levels of meal plans and give you the option to upgrade.  Start small and work your way up! You’ll end up saving money and maybe a pound or two!

  1. An Ironing Board

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing your kid isn’t going to wake up and iron their clothes. You’re better off purchasing plenty of hangers and wrinkle-free clothes.  Ironing boards take up space and have little use in the dorms.

  1. A Vacuum

I’m personally a clean freak, but I can tell you that your student can survive freshman year without a vacuum.  Most dorms have vacuums that they provide for their residents effectively eliminating the need.

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